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ROSCHEN Group has the world class advanced equipment like 12000 tons forging, metal processing plant, heat treatment workshop, numerical control plant, Advanced five-axis machining center, etc. professional technical and skilled team to ensure mining, mineral tools, equipment products quality stable and reliable.


ROSCHEN Group Limited is a manufactory with years of research and development for the mining, mineral tools, equipment. We are capability to produce high performance world class products and control excellent quality. Our main product includes tricone bit, diamond core bits, drill pipe, core barrel, TCI tricone bit, mill tooth tricone bit, RC hammer, DTH bit, etc.






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ROSCHEN Sales Value Growing Up!


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1. Strive to create and supply Best quality products for the industry that last longer than the average products.


2. Provide excellent service for our clients.  24 hour-7 days /week schedule to get our clients what they need – FAST.


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1920 to 1960

Robert Roschen aged 20.1920 - Opening of Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering in Hanover on 5 August.

1921 - First low-voltage magneto from Roschen for stationary petrol engines

1925 - First low-voltage magneto ignition for motor vehicle internal combustion engines

1930 - First low-voltage Direct Current motor

1935 - First Loop powered vibration sensor

1942 - First Flow Controller and Sensor Probe


1956 - First plant in Hanover

1957 - First commercially viable high-voltage spark plug

1958 - Production of 100,000th magneto ignition

1959 - Introduction of eight-hour working day

1960 - Opening of plant in Roschen

1965 - Start of production of headlights


1966 - Start of production of high grade tricone bits

1967 - First diesel fuel injection pump

1969 - First TV Set from Roschen AG division

1972 - Formation of Roschen Electronics

1973 - First power drill from Roschen

1974 - First drilling rig

1976 - First diesel fuel injection pump for mud pump

1982 - Roschen Group opens in England

1984 - Robert Roschen Foundation


1990 - Company headquarter moves to Hanover

1996 - First hydraulic drilling rig

1998 - Company acquires heavy industrial division from Mercy

2000 - The company began implementation of a comprehensive and meticulous management on the market

2005 - Acquisition of Mercy Ltd.

2006 - First Electronic Stability Control - Inverter technology

2007 - Common rail diesel fuel injection

2008 - DI-Motronic gasoline direct injection system

2009 - Acquisition of Numberwon    

2010 - Mooncury Division was established 

2010 - Roschen Car Electronic Rust Stop Division was established


2010 to present

2010 - Acquisition of Mercy Electronics Ltd.

2011 - Formally enter the Electrical and Electronic industry

2012 - The formation of the Robert Roschen Tool Corporation and acquisition of Mercy Corporation and Losson Corporation including the brand names for Roschen Power Tools, Skil Power Tools, Oil Tools, Exploration Products, Equipment, Sports Goods, Fashion Clothes, Shoe, Bag    

2012 - Roschen opens new Technology Center in Asian-pacific

2012 - The Roschen Electronic Systems business unit is created to manage the brands and products of former Industrial Electronics.

2012 - Roschen Electronics Co., Ltd. was formally established, majoring in Industrial Electronics, to provide a full range of solutions.

2012 - Roschen Holiding Group was formally established, the Group's holding company Roschen Tools, Roschen Power Tools, Roschen Mining & Exploration Drilling Equipment & Accessories, Roschen sporting goods, No.1 sport brand, Mooncury Fashion Clothing brand, Roschen clothing.




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Brands : ROSCHEN

No. of Employees : 100~500

Annual Sales : 5000-2000000

Year Established : 1921

Export p.c : < 10%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

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