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What should be paid attention to when using down-the-hole drills

July 29, 2021


Using the down-the-hole (DTH) drill bit correctly, to ensure the rock drilling speed and service life of the bit, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. According to the rock condition (hardness, abrasiveness) and drilling rig type (high wind pressure, low wind pressure), choose the down-the-hole drill.

2. Different forms of alloy teeth and tooth arrangement methods are suitable for drilling different rocks. Choosing the right down-the-hole drill bit is the prerequisite for obtaining the use effect.

3. When installing a down-the-hole drill bit, place the bit gently into the drill sleeve of the down-the-hole hammer, and don't hit it hard to avoid damaging the tail shank of the drill bit or the drill sleeve.

4. In the process of rock drilling, it is necessary to ensure that the compressed air pressure of the down-the-hole drilling rig is sufficient. If the DTH Hammer works intermittently or the blast hole is not discharged smoothly, check the compressed air system of the down-the-hole drill to ensure that there is no slag in the hole during the drilling process.

5. If metal objects are found falling into the holes, they should be sucked out with a magnet or taken out by other methods in time to avoid damage to the drill bit.

6. When replacing the drill bit, pay attention to the size of the drilled blast hole. If the diameter of the drill bit is excessively worn, but the blast hole is not well drilled, the drill bit cannot be updated to avoid sticking. You can use old drill bits that have been used and have roughly the same wear diameter to complete the job.


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