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Soil Auger Set With Two Stroke Engine And Augers To Drill For Water Well Drilling
  • Soil Auger Set With Two Stroke Engine And Augers To Drill For Water Well Drilling
  • Soil Auger Set With Two Stroke Engine And Augers To Drill For Water Well Drilling
  • Soil Auger Set With Two Stroke Engine And Augers To Drill For Water Well Drilling

Soil Auger Set With Two Stroke Engine And Augers To Drill For Water Well Drilling

Place of Origin Germany, China
Brand Name ROSCHEN
Certification ISO
Model Number 1.5 2.0 3.0 meters
Product Details
Earth Auger
Auger Drilling
Hydraulic Motors Drive Earth
Drilling Diameter Range:
Excavator Augers
Water Well Drilling
Soil Auger Drilling
Drilling Type:
Geological And Mineralogical Observations, Sand Exploration
Surveying Purposes
Mineralogical Observations
High Light: 

900mm Soil Auger Set


900mm Excavator augers


excavator Soil Auger Drilling

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1-5 pcs
Packaging Details
Supply Ability
10000 pcs
Product Description

Soil Auger Set with Two Stroke Engine and augers to drill for water well drilling

Soil Auger Set with Two-Stroke Engine

Earth borings can be executed manually as well as motorized. In our delivery program two motorized soil auger sets have been incorporated for augerings up to a depth of 10 meter.


Motorized borings can be executed above- as well as under the groundwater level. The sets have been constructed from parts with limited dimensions allowing access to locations that are difficult to reach. 

03.05.SA Motorised soil auger set with tripod and winch for boring above the groundwater level
03.05.SB Idem, for boring above as well as under the groundwater level

The two-stroke motor that is used in both sets is suitable for (almost) vertical borings. The machine is controlled by two operatives. The 3.0 kW (4.1 DIN PK) motor has sufficient power to execute a boring to a depth of up to 10 meter. During the boring continuous flighted augers made of high grade steel are used. The diameter of the augers is 8 and 15 cm. The set 03.05.SA contains continuously flighted extensions with bayonet fittings; the flighted extensions connect to the flighted auger without interruption. The smooth extensions from the set 03.05.SB consist of a pipe with connections on both ends. Both types of extension have been fitted with bayonet fittings in order to prevent the connection from getting disconnected during operation. The earth boring machine can be connected to the cable of the winch by means of a suspension brace. This allows for adjustment of the boring speed and also the augers can be extracted from the soil more easily. This makes the whole operation easier. The suspension brace also protects the motor against damaging during the hoisting procedure. In both sets an aluminium 3-part tripod is applied including a pulley, stepsupports and hand winch.


Set 03.05.SA, among other items, contains: the tripod with stepsupports, a winch, a motorized soil auger set with accessories, the suspension brace, continuously flighted augers (diameter 8 cm), extensions and various accessories. The augers have been placed in a steel transport box. 

Set 03.05.SB, in addition to the above mentioned also contains: a continuously flighted auger (diameter 15 cm), a number of synthetic casing tubes, with protective caps, a casing shoe, a lifting cap to extract the augers and extensions, a steel bailer with accessories, a sounding apparatus and various accessories. The augers can be moved in a steel transport box. The casing in set 03.05.SB is used to support the bore hole. If the soil becomes less cohesive then you can switch to applying the bailer system. During this procedure using the cable and the tripod the bailer creates space under the casing tube allowing it to be pushed deeper into the soil.


1. Profile research for surveying purposes, geological and mineralogical observations, sand exploration, foundation technology, etc. in many soils both above and below groundwater level (not suitable for soils containing a lot of stone or rock).
2. Ground water research for availability and quality.
3. The introduction of large monitoring well pipes and/or filter tubes in the ground; Also suitable for shallow water wells for drinking water in for instance developing countries or refugee camps.
4. Because of the low weight and the small dimensions of the various parts the sets are very suitable for borings on locations that are difficult to reach. 



Soil Auger Set With Two Stroke Engine And Augers To Drill For Water Well Drilling 0


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