HW / NW Diamond Core Drill Bits Casing Shoe for Casing Tube and Pipe
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: ROSCHEN
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: AW, BW, HW, NW, PW, SW, ZW
High Light:

Diamond Core Drilling Bits


Concrete Core Drill Bit

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden, carton packaging
Supply Ability: 1000 pcs per month
Series: Wireline Diamond Core Bits
Model: Impregnated Diamond Core Bits
Drilling: Exploration Core Drilling
Drills: Wireline Core Drilling
Mining: Australia Mining
Exploration: Australia Exploration
Model No: Mining Exploration Core Drilling
Usage: Africa Mining
Applications: Copper Mining Drilling
Product Description


HW / NW Diamond Core Drill Bits Casing Shoe for Casing Tube and Pipe



Core Drill Bits HW Diamond Casing Shoes , High Penetration Rate

Core Drill Bits HW , NW Diamond Casing Shoes , High Penetration Rate Impregnated Casing Shoe using for casing tube

Core Drill Bits HW , NW Diamond Casing Shoe , High Penetration Rate Impregnated Casing Shoe using for casing tube , pipe 


Detailed Product Description: 
Features: High Penetration Rate, High Speed,High Performance
Type: HW Casing Shoe /Casing Bit
Product Name: Core Drill Bits
Material: Diamond
Use: Mineral Exploration,Mineral Exploration
Size: AW BW, NW, HW,PW

Core Drill Bits HW Diamond Casing Shoes , High Penetration Rate


HW Casing Shoe /Casing Bit


Casing and rod shoes are designed to drill in casings or rods, AW, BW, NW, HW, PW, SW, ZW, etc. casing shoes are available.


“ROSCHEN” brand has a high reputation in global market.


The casing shoe bits (rod shoes bits) are designed to drill in casings or rods in difficult over burden material to position the rods or casing in the drilling hole. The interior is smooth and sufficiently large enough to allow free passage of coring equipment such as bits, reaming shells core barrels and drill rods. They are manufactured to withstand difficult drilling conditions: for example, unconsolidated overburdened or broken abrasive materials.





AW BW, NW, HW,PW Casing Shoe

1. High penetration rate
2. High core recovery ratio
3. Long service life
4. Lower cost


ROSCHEN specialisted in producing varies kinds of diamond core bits in different international standard size for soft, medieum to hard rock formations.  Including impregnated diamond core bit, surface-set diamond bit, reaming shells, impregnated diamond casing bit, casing shoe bit, TC core bit, TC casing bit, diamond reaming shell, corelifter, corelifter case, diamond sub-adapters,  hoist plugs, tap, etc. 


With ISO certificate & quality control. 



Size Available:


Wireline Series:  B,N,H,P

Metric Series:  46,56,66,76,86,101,116,131,146
All Chinese Sizes 



Notice  :

To select the right bit for the job, assess the speed and power of your drill for the size and depths of the holes to be drilled and assess ground conditions such as rock type/formation and down-hole conditions.



ROSCHEN  bits are available in all standard drilling sizes . Also, non-standard sized bits can be produced according to requirements from clients.

Crown Height:
ROSCHEN offers crown impreg depths of  9mm, 12mm, and 16mm .The taller crown heights provide improved bit stability and reduced vibrations, enhancing bit life and performance.

Various waterways are available for diamond impregnated bits. Differing waterways allow for better flushing in various ground conditions and drilling systems.

Matrix Bond:
ROSCHEN impregnated bits matrices can be selected by our engineer according to ground conditions at client's work site.



standard Q threads as well as thread types required by clients are available. 


Size Bit O.D. Hole Diameter Bit I.D. Core Diameter Reaming Shell O.D.
AQ 1.870/1.880 47.50/47.75 1.057/1.067 26.85/27.10 1.885/1.895 47.88/48.13
LTK48 1.870/1.880 47.50/47.75 1.384/1.394 35.15/35.41 1.885/1.895 47.88/48.13
BQ 2.340/2.350 59.44/59.69 1.428/1.438 36.27/36.53 2.355/2.365 59.82/60.07
BQ3 2.340/2.350 59.44//59.69 1.315/1.325 33.40/33.65 2.355/2.365 59.82/60.07
NQ 2.960/2.970 75.18/75.44 1.870/1.880 47.50/47.75 2.975/2.985 75.57/75.82
NQ2 2.960/2.970 75.18/75.44 1.990/2.000 50.65/50.80 2.975/2.985 75.57/75.82
NQ3/NQTT 2.960/2.970 75.18/75.44 1.770/1.780 44.96/45.21 2.975/2.985 75.57/75.82
NMLC 2.960/2.970 75.00/75.44 2.042/2.052 51.87/52.12 2.975/2.985 75.50/75.82
HQ 3.755/3.770 95.38/96.00 2.495/2.505 63.38/63.63 3.775/3.790 95.89/96.27
HQ3/HQTT 3.755/3.770 95.38/95.57 2.401/2.411 60.99/61.24 3.775/3.790 95.89/96.27
PQ 4.795/4.815 121.80/122.30 3.340/3.350 84.84/85.09 4.820/4.835 122.43/122.81
PQ3 4.795/4.815 121.80/122.30 3.265/3.275 82.93/83.19 4.820/4.835 122.43/122.81
T2-76 2.987/2.997 75.87/76.12 2.424/2.434 61.56/61.82 2.999/3.009 76.17/76.42
T2-86 3.381/3.391 85.87/86.12 2.818/2.828 71.56/71.82 3.393/3.403 86.17/86.42
T2-101 3.970/3.982 100.84/101.14 3.290/3.300 83.56/84.00 3.984/3.994 101.19/101.44
T6-101 3.970/3.982 100.84/101.14 3.105/3.115 78.88/79.13 3.984/3.996 101.21/101.51
T6-116 4.560/4.575 115.80/116.18 3.657/3.667 92.88/93.13 4.575/4.590 116.21/116.59
T6-131 5.150/5.165 130.80/131.18 4.247/4.257 107.88/108.13 5.165/5.180 131.21/131.59
T6-146 5.740/5.755 145.80/146.18 4.837/4.847 122.88/123.13 5.757/5.772 146.23/146.61
HMLC 3.858 98 2.5 63.5 3.878 98.5









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