Hollow Stem Augers Solid Stem Augers 5 Feet Length In Environmental Drilling
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Hollow Stem Augers  Solid Stem Augers 5 Feet Length In Environmental Drilling
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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: ROSCHEN
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Model Number: 4" ~ 8"
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5 Feet Hollow Stem Augers


5 Feet Solid Stem Augers


8" Solid Stem Augers

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Environmental drilling occurs in many different types of geologic settings and the project objectives are often very diverse. The drilling methods differ depending on a number of factors, such as the kind of project, the soil at the site, and whether water sampling is involved. Two common forms of drilling are solid stem auger and hollow stem auger. Each has its own uses, advantages, and disadvantages.


What Is Solid Stem Auger Drilling

This method typically utilizes a Claw Bit to advance solid stem auger flights into the ground. The drilling equipment applies pressure against the top of the stem while turning it into the ground. The Claw Bit displaces the soil and moves it up the flights as the drill bores deeper in the subsurface lithology.

The advantages of Solid Stem drilling include the following:

Rapid drilling into soils with a lot of clay, which saves time and money.

It does not require circulation fluids, which makes site clean-up easier than some other drilling methods.
The project requires no casing materials in stable formations.

It allows for easy sampling in formations with a semi-consolidated soil.

The drilling can go down to 400 feet or more in semi-consolidated soils.


Solid stem is not appropriate for all conditions and it has certain disadvantages. It is not efficient in loose, sandy soil, especially at certain depths. It can only bore to a maximum width of 24 inches. It does not do well below the water table due to water infiltration.

What Is Hollow Stem Auger Drilling?

This kind of drilling is like solid stem, except the Claw Bit is attached to a hollow stem, instead of a solid one. Once the bore hole reaches the desired depth, the hollow stem acts as a temporary casing, keeping the sides of the bore hole from caving in. The drilling crew can take samples through the hollow stem, or use it for setting a groundwater monitoring well into place.

The advantages of Hollow Stem Auger drilling include the following:

It allows for uncontaminated sampling in formations of unconsolidated soils.


Rapid drilling into clay-filled soils is easy and cost-effective.

Hollow stem auger drilling has disadvantages though. Drilling is not effective when boulders or large cobble stones are encountered. Also, auger refusal can occur when a large consolidated igneous formations are encountered. Its use is limited in loose, sandy soils where water table infiltration can contaminate sampling. Sampling in loose soils requires alternate sampling equipment like split spoon or continuous coring. The depth is limited to 150 feet or less.

Which Is Better For My Drilling Project: Hollow Stem Auger or Solid Stem Auger?

While Solid Stem Augers and Hollow Stem Auger drilling share some commonalities, they also have significant differences. Each has its own use in environmental drilling projects. The project engineers/consultants will decide which type is best for any project.

We have a fleet of drilling equipment that can handle almost any project required in this region, including hollow stem and solid stem drilling, and our team of experts can determine which drilling method is ideal for the site of your project. 



Hollow Stem Augers



Hollow Stem Augers (HSA) are commonly used to set groundwater monitoring wells for environmental and geotechnical applications. With the option of an augerhead on ROSCHEN® machines you can turn 4.25 in. hollow stem augers with the same machine you had just been using for percussion probing. When you are ready to auger, just fold out the augerhead and secure with one bolt or pin. This added flexibility has been a big hit with field operators.

Some Hollow Stem Auger (HSA) Systems available from ROSCHEN Systems®

1. HSA augers: 2.25 in., 4.25 in., and 6.25 in.
2. HSA Pull System
3. Auger Pilot Bits for difficult soils
4. Auger Guide

Hollow Stem Augers  Solid Stem Augers 5 Feet Length In Environmental Drilling 0


Part Number/Size Chart
Description 2.25 in. 4.25 in. 6.25 in.
HSA Auger Section, 60 in. 600032 600154 600209
HSA Auger Section, 48 in. 219149 600171 600308
Drive Cap 216925 202103 202922
Cutter Head 216925 600155 600210
Plug, wooden   202104 600211
Plug, plastic 600250 202105 600309
Lock Bolt 600157 600157 600157
Auger Connecting Pin 600193 600193 600193
Auger Pull System 203303 202187 202945
Auger Fork 203798 202081 203982








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ASTM D6151 / D6151M - 15

Standard Practice for Using Hollow-Stem Augers for Geotechnical Exploration and Soil Sampling

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