Conventional Coring Equipment Triple Tube 3C 4C 6C 8C Core Barrel
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Conventional Coring Equipment Triple Tube 3C 4C 6C 8C Core Barrel
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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: ROSCHEN
Certification: ISO
Model Number: 3C 4C 6C 8C 10C
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8C Core Barrel


6C Core Barrel


4C triple tube core barrel

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box
Supply Ability: 1000 sets
Name: Wireline Triple Tube Core Barrels
Item: Diamond Core Drilling Tools
Use: Mining Drilling
8c Core Barrel Factory: Core Barrels Manufacturer
Type: Triple Tube Conventional Core Barrels
8c Core Barrel Size: 8 X 5-7/8 Core Barrel
Series: 8C Core Barrel
Model: 3m 8C Core Barrel
Usage: Diamond Core Barrels
Core Barrel Tools: Core Drilling Tools
Model Name: Diamond Core Barrels
Function: 8C Core Barrel Coring Equipment
Product Description


Conventional Coring Equipment Triple Tube 3C 4C 6C 8C Core Barrel


coring equipment 6C 8C Triple Tube core barrel large size coring samples


Conventional Coring Equipment Triple Tube 3C 4C 6C 8C Core Barrel


Triple Tube Core Barrel


Triple Tube Core Barrels are normally supplied with stainless steel split inner tubes. Clear plastic tubing is available in NMLC size. The plastic tubing is used when retaining the core exactly as it is recovered from the hole is desired. The core is left in the tube and the ends are sealed. Visual examination is possible through the tubing on site or at the laboratory.

The Triple Tube TSS corebarrel forms the basis of our barrel system that incorporates an innovative three-barrel system compared to traditional inner/outer barrel systems. TSS eliminates thermal expansion issues, improves core quality through ease of handling, and provides a platform to enhance wellsite processes and core analysis. The TSS includes two components, a threaded steel jacket and a disposable liner in which the core is housed. The presence of two independent tubes allows the disconnection process to take place without transmitting the torque to the core, therefore without inducing any rotation core damage.


Imperial Metric Imperial Metric Imperial Metric
BMLC 2.330" 59.18MM 2.360" 59.94MM 1.386" 35.20MM
NMLC 2.945" 74.80MM 2.980" 75.69MM 2.045" 51.94MM
HMLC 3.875" 98.42MM 3.906" 99.21MM 2.500" 63.50MM
3C 4.343" 110.31MM 4.375" 111.12MM 3.000" 76.20MM
4C 5.468" 138.89MM 5.500" 139.70MM 4.000" 101.60MM
6C 7.730" 196.04MM 7.750" 196.85MM 5.750" 146.04MM
8C 10.200" 259.10MM 10.250" 260.35MM 7.980" 202.70MM


Size Available:

  1. B76 core barrel, B86 core barrle, B101 core barrel, B131 core barrel, B146 core barrel
  2. BQ core barrel NQ core barrel, HQ core barrel PQ core barrrel, NQ3 core barrel, HQ3 core barrel, PQ3 core barrel
  3. TT-46 core barrel TT56 core barrel
  4. T2-56 core barrel, T2-66 core barrel, T2-76 core barrel, T2-86 core barrel, T2-101 core barrel
  5. T6-76 core barrel T6-86 core barrel T6-101 core barrel T6-116 core barrel T6-131 core barrel T6-131 core barrel
  6. T6S-76, T6S-86, T6s-101, T6s-131,T6S-146 core barrel
  7. NMLC core barrel, HMLC core barrel
  8. HWF core barrel, PWF core barrel
  9. NWG core barrel, HWG core barrel
  10. LTK48 core barrel
  11. Mazier core barrel
  12. 412 F core barrel
  13. M101 core barrel
  14. Chinese Standard: Wireline 56, wireline 59, wireline 75, wireline 91, 108, 114, 127, 131, 140, 146, 150, 168mm.
  15. 10C triple tube core barrel
  16. 8c core barrel


Triple Tube core barrel. Triple Tube Core Barrel is used for exploration of dams, bridges, geotechnical investigation, diamond core drilling, soil investigation, testing of foundation of the high rise buildings as well as mineral exploration for obtaining nearly 100% core recovery. After the triple tube barrel has been retrieved from the drill hole the reaming shell, diamond core bit and core lifter case are removed.


These triple tube core barrel are generally used for geotechnical purpose,designed to maximize core recovery in soft formations.Available diameter sizes from 35-146mm. Wireline double core barrels are primarily used in deep coring.With an overshot device,they eliminate the need to couple and uncouple the rod string each time the core is retrieved.



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Conventional Coring Equipment Triple Tube 3C 4C 6C 8C Core Barrel 0

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