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ATW Impregnated Diamond Core Drill Bits for Exploration , Wireline Core Bits
  • ATW Impregnated Diamond Core Drill Bits for Exploration , Wireline Core Bits
  • ATW Impregnated Diamond Core Drill Bits for Exploration , Wireline Core Bits

ATW Impregnated Diamond Core Drill Bits for Exploration , Wireline Core Bits

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name ROSCHEN
Certification ISO
Model Number ATW
Product Details
Wireline Diamond Core Bits
Impregnated Diamond Core Bits
Exploration Core Drilling
Wireline Core Drilling
Australia Mining
Australia Exploration
Model No:
Mining Exploration Core Drilling
Africa Mining
Copper Mining Drilling
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Diamond Core Drilling Bits


Diamond Core Drill Bits For Rock

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Supply Ability
10000 PCS
Product Description

Wireline Core Bits Type of ATW Impregnated Diamond Drill Bits for Exploration Core Drilling


Description of Goods: 

Impregnated Diamond Core Bits are manufactured with very small, high quality sythetic diamonds, mixed evenly through a metal alloy matrix. The matrix erodes away at the same rate as the diamonds become worn and rounded. Thus new sharp diamonds are exposed to continue cutting through the rock. In most geological formations, impregnated bits are more economical to use than other bits.

The main technical parameters of impregnated diamond core bits include diamond type, size, concentration and diamond grade, matrix hardness and crown shapes,waterways etc. If users can make rational selections according to the geological formations, they can get satisfied drilling performance on various formations with different hardness. To avoid excessive bit wear, diamond tungsten carbide inserts could be used on both sides of the waterway and the larger diamonds are used on the inside and outside.

The impregnated diamond core bit emerged as the most commonly used type in the mineral exploration industry.

NQ3 Diamond Core drill Bit is a kind of diamond drill bit used for cutting soft to hard rock in geological investigation.



Size Bit O.D. Hole Diameter Bit I.D. Core Diameter Reaming Shell O.D.
AQ 1.870/1.880 47.50/47.75 1.057/1.067 26.85/27.10 1.885/1.895 47.88/48.13
LTK48 1.870/1.880 47.50/47.75 1.384/1.394 35.15/35.41 1.885/1.895 47.88/48.13
BQ 2.340/2.350 59.44/59.69 1.428/1.438 36.27/36.53 2.355/2.365 59.82/60.07
BQ3 2.340/2.350 59.44//59.69 1.315/1.325 33.40/33.65 2.355/2.365 59.82/60.07
NQ 2.960/2.970 75.18/75.44 1.870/1.880 47.50/47.75 2.975/2.985 75.57/75.82
NQ2 2.960/2.970 75.18/75.44 1.990/2.000 50.65/50.80 2.975/2.985 75.57/75.82
NQ3/NQTT 2.960/2.970 75.18/75.44 1.770/1.780 44.96/45.21 2.975/2.985 75.57/75.82
NMLC 2.960/2.970 75.00/75.44 2.042/2.052 51.87/52.12 2.975/2.985 75.50/75.82
HQ 3.755/3.770 95.38/96.00 2.495/2.505 63.38/63.63 3.775/3.790 95.89/96.27
HQ3/HQTT 3.755/3.770 95.38/95.57 2.401/2.411 60.99/61.24 3.775/3.790 95.89/96.27
PQ 4.795/4.815 121.80/122.30 3.340/3.350 84.84/85.09 4.820/4.835 122.43/122.81
PQ3 4.795/4.815 121.80/122.30 3.265/3.275 82.93/83.19 4.820/4.835 122.43/122.81
T2-76 2.987/2.997 75.87/76.12 2.424/2.434 61.56/61.82 2.999/3.009 76.17/76.42
T2-86 3.381/3.391 85.87/86.12 2.818/2.828 71.56/71.82 3.393/3.403 86.17/86.42
T2-101 3.970/3.982 100.84/101.14 3.290/3.300 83.56/84.00 3.984/3.994 101.19/101.44
T6-101 3.970/3.982 100.84/101.14 3.105/3.115 78.88/79.13 3.984/3.996 101.21/101.51
T6-116 4.560/4.575 115.80/116.18 3.657/3.667 92.88/93.13 4.575/4.590 116.21/116.59
T6-131 5.150/5.165 130.80/131.18 4.247/4.257 107.88/108.13 5.165/5.180 131.21/131.59
T6-146 5.740/5.755 145.80/146.18 4.837/4.847 122.88/123.13 5.757/5.772 146.23/146.61
HMLC 3.858 98 2.5 63.5 3.878 98.5




1. Many years of experience combined with recent improvements in technology and manufacturing concepts have resulted in greatly improved drilling performance of impregnated PQ HQ NQ BQ diamond core bits.
2. High quality synthetic diamond powders are distributed in the depth of impregnated diamond core bit's matrix series. The matrix layer of the crown contains a uniform distribution of these crystals that are embedded in a powdered metal bond.
3. The matrix of our impregnated diamond core bits is designed to expose new diamonds to the bits' cutting face as wear occurs. Fast penetration rate is maintained as a result of this action.
4. Our impregnated diamond core bits are manufactured to give optimum penetration rates and bit life, which is required to keep the cost of diamond drilling to a minimum.

1. High Performance drilling equipment;
2. Full technical support and service;
3. Spare parts, tools and consumable materials;
4. Training and consulting services;
5. International sales and dealership agencies.


Warranty and Service

We always concerned about our clients and provides them with warranty and service support.

The factory ensures equipment warranty for the major assemblies and units efficient for 12 months. The clients are supplied with all needed spare parts, tooling and auxiliary facilities.

The authorized dealers possess service centers to execute product warranty liabilities, after-sales service and equipment repair. The clients’ staff is also provided with theoretical and practical company instructions and consultations on all matters concerning execution of work and equipment operation.

Q: What's your delivery time?
A: Commonly need 7 working days to produce. Within 3 days if in stock.

Q: What methods of payment are accepted?
A: We agree T/T, L/C, West Union.

A: Based on order quantity. We can send it to you by Express, by Air, by Sea, and by Train. Or send the goods to your Chinese agent.

Q: How to control the quality?
A: We check & test every core drill bit before shipment.

Q: Do you agree samle order?

A: Yes, we welcome your sample order for testing our quality.
Q: Can we select the color of the drill bit?

A: Yes, we have standard rock hardness select index to choose core drill bit matrix hardness. If you need, we can make the core drill bit color based on your requirement.

Q: Do you have after-sale service and warranty service?
A: Any quality or quantity problem once confirmed, we will compensate you during our warranty period. Any question or problem we will reply you within 24 hours.

Q: Can I trust your company?
A: Our company has been certified by Chinese government, and verified by ISO-9001, just order from us!


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