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Triple / Double Core Barrel 1.5M to 3M Rock Drilling Equipment
  • Triple / Double Core Barrel 1.5M to 3M Rock Drilling Equipment
  • Triple / Double Core Barrel 1.5M to 3M Rock Drilling Equipment
  • Triple / Double Core Barrel 1.5M to 3M Rock Drilling Equipment

Triple / Double Core Barrel 1.5M to 3M Rock Drilling Equipment

Place of Origin Germany
Brand Name ROSCHEN
Certification ISO, API
Model Number AQ, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ, T36, T46, T56, T66, T76, T86, HWF, PWF, SWF, UWF, ZWF, RWT, EWT, AWT, BWT, NWT, HWT (Single Tube/Double Tube), EWG, AWG, BWG, NWG, HWG (Single Tube/Double Tube), EWM, AWM, BWM, NWM, T256, T266, T276, T286, T2101/T676, T686, T6101, T6116
Product Details
Core Barrel
Conventional Core Barrel
Wireline Core Barrel
European 4145 Steel Casing
Q Series Core Barrel NQ, HQ, PQ Wireline Core Barrel
Bristish Metric Core Barrel
T 2-66, T 2-76, T 2-86, T 2-101, T 2-116; T6-76, T6-86, T6-101, T6-116
Core Barrels:
Boart Longyear Core Barrel
Sweden Core Barrel:
Core Barrel, Atlas Copco Core Barrel
Wireline Coring Tools
Q 3 Series:
HQ 3, NQ 3, PQ 3 Core Barrels
Triple Core Barrel:
BMLC, NMLC, HMLC Triple Tube Core Barrels
High Light: 

wireline core barrel


drilling core barrel

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 sets
Packaging Details
Poly wooden case
Supply Ability
200 sets
Product Description


Triple / Double Core Barrel 1.5M to 3M Rock Drilling Equipment


Product Description:

Boart Longear Wireline Core Barrel Q Series NQ HQ PQ Head Assembly and HQ NQ Overshot Assembly


Wireline Core Barrel 


Q series head assembly  and overshot assembly

Wireline drilling is the special method of removing the core.  




1. Wireline Core Barrels

2. Ideal for use in most drilling conditions

3. Available for application in standard DCDMA hole size

Technical Specifications:

Size Metric system(mm) Imperial system (in)
Hole diameter Core diameter Hole diameter Core diameter
BQ 60 36.4 2.36 1.43
NQ 75.7 47.6 2.98 1.88
HQ 96.1 63.5 3.78 2.5
PQ 122.7 85 4.83 3.34
Triple tube surface
NQ3 75.7 45 2.98 1.78
HQ3 96.1 61.1 3.78 2.41
PQ3 122.7 83 4.83 3.27

1. Features: 

When the driller wants to remove core from a conventional core drill, the entire core barrel has to be removed from the hole. This is time-consuming, as each rod has to be removed one at a time.

With wireline drilling, a barrel of core can be removed from the bottom of the hole without removing the rod string. When the driller wants to remove the core, an overshot is lowered on the end of a wireline. The overshot attaches to the back of the core barrel inner tube and the wireline is pulled back and the inner tube disengages itself from the barrel.


Double core tube and tube has outer pipe, rinses through joint between the internal and external tube water flow to the bottom of the hole, protecting cores from rinses washouts. Double core tube has double motion and single movement two kinds. Double motion and core tube is internal and external core tube following bit and drill stem rotation, it in no serious loose or broken strata.


Single movement double core tube internal and external tube has bearing isolation, pipe outer pipe driven only pick up bit rotation, and broken rock tube does not rotate, avoid to core friction, vibration, etc., with mechanical damage, so it in serious loose fractured formations. these, can be well protected cores.


Use double deck core tube take core, bits need to use wall thickness of the alloy drill or diamond bits.

Due to the rock drill contact surface area increased and the lip use double deck core tube than ordinary core tube drilling efficiency to reduce. In the ledge, coal, in order to guarantee rock (mineral) heart take rate, rules must be use double deck core tube coring. More complex double core tube, except to finish single movement, in addition, aluminum, steel tube placed plastic or qualitative buckled half close tube, have a better protection of the core role.


2. Size

1.5m and 3.0m length core barrels are avaiable. 


3. Model type

Below is a chart to evaluate core sample sizes and to locate corresponding core barrel systems



ROSCHEN a leading manufacturer of Q series core barrel in China.Both ISO9001: 2000 and API 5DP certificates are available for our products, and our products have been quite popular among clients from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Oman, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, etc.


Wireline Double Core Barrel Q Series Head Assembly And Overshot Assembly

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