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Construction Drilling CIR150 DTH Hammer with 160mm diameter button bits
  • Construction Drilling CIR150 DTH Hammer with 160mm diameter button bits
  • Construction Drilling CIR150 DTH Hammer with 160mm diameter button bits
  • Construction Drilling CIR150 DTH Hammer with 160mm diameter button bits

Construction Drilling CIR150 DTH Hammer with 160mm diameter button bits

Place of Origin GERMANY, CHINA
Brand Name ROSCHEN
Certification ISO
Model Number CIR150
Product Details
Atlas Copco Secoroc DTH Hammer
DHD3.5 DHD340 DHD350 DHD360 Hammer
Down The Hole Hammer, DTH Hammer
DTH Hammer Drilling, DTH Hammer Drilling Technology
DTH Hammer Bits
DTH Hammers And Bits
Mission Dth Hammers
Down Hole Hammer Drill
Dth Hammer Manufacturer
DTH Drilling Rig
Used For Mining, Construction, Geothermal, And Rotary Drilling Industries
RH460 DTH Drilling Tool
Model No.:
RH550 Hammer
High Light: 

dth drilling tools


down hole tools

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1-5 pcs
Packaging Details
Poly wooden box
Supply Ability
10000 pcs
Product Description



Construction Drilling CIR150 DTH Hammer with 160mm diameter button bits



About our Company and Products

Roschen Down The Hole Hammer quality can be replaced of by Halco, atlas copco, halco, muma basis on the quality grade, and in the after sales service.


Roschen Group Limited is one of the biggest enterprises in global specializing in research and manufacture of rock drilling products and pneumatic tools. It has a complete set of equipment for producing rock drilling products and pneumatic tools. (The key equipment is the most advanced one in the world). With its abundant experience in research and production, using the highest quality raw materials, through advanced technology and rigorous testing methods, our company has produced products with excellent performance and quality.

Our company mainly researches, designs and manufactures the following products: high pressure DTH hammers (which are the most advanced products in the field in international), all kinds of DTH bits, eccentric drilling tools for drilling with casing in the cover rocks and loose rocks, all kinds of threaded bits, RC reverse circulation hammers and bits, shank adaptors and coupling sleeves, various kinds of tool joints and drill pipes, and spare parts for drilling rigs, etc. The performance of these products is domestic leading and world first-class. The products have gained certificates including ISO 9001, API, SGS, CE, etc.


ROSCHEN drilling tools own a good market all over China for the good quality and high performance. Meanwhile, the company is still actively exploring overseas market. ROSCHEN products have been exported to more than 50 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Brasil, USA, South Africa, Spain, France, Canada, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Russia, Middle East Zone, South Africa, Asian countries, etc.

Product Technology and Advantages: 

ROSCHEN manufacturing drilling tools, is a leading brand in Germany, China, and the DTH Hammers without foot-valve are the most popular products in particular.

Compared with the DTH Hammers of the same specification with foot-valve, the advantages of DTH Hammers without foot-valve are as follows:

1. Higher impact frequency and faster drilling speed, with the speed being 15%-20% higher than the ones with foot-valve;

2. Lower air consumption and lower oil consumption, with 10% of the oil consumption saved;

3. Avoid the trouble of foot-valve fracture and expand when heated, or the contraction when cooled;

4. Fewer internal parts, simple in structure, long in service life, and easy to assemble and disassemble. The new type hammer has been well received by users since its launch. Hammering tests have been carried out on the hardest iron ore mine in China.


Compared with the products from Halco and ATLAS COPCO, the new type fast hammer produced by our company is about 10% faster in terms of speed. Besides, since the thickness of the external cylinder of the hammer from our company is increased, its service life is longer than others. As to bits, the quality of products provided by our company is comparable to those from the above mentioned two companies; in the meantime, the cost performance of drilling tools branded ROSCHEN is much higher than those branded Halco and ATLAS COPCO.

Roschen group limited is a refractory metal manufacturer specializing in the raw material and deep-processing product of tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, rhenium and tungsten carbide.

• We have conquered the technological difficulties in welding between the tungsten carbide wear-resistant material and stainless steel-based and iron-based. The geometrical tolerance of weldment can be controlled in level A.

• Relying on powder metallurgy institute and engineering materials institute of Central South University, We have established a production-learning-research base to provide powerful technologic support for products reserch development. And we have the whole production equipment from mixing to finish machining, including the world’s most advanced cold isostatic pressing machine which can manufacture the widest and longest plate.

• Our over 200 technicians, 10 after-sales personnel and 120 manufacturing workers are all heartedly at your service.


The Chracteristics of high pressure series DTH hammer:


Deliver maximum energy to drilling bit, which enables fast drilling speed and low air consumption due to the special inner structure of the DTH hammer series designed according to newest rock drilling theory. Deliver smooth performance and long service life of the DTH hammer series due to the high quality tungsten carbide steel materials and the advanced processing technology. Low problem rate and easy maintenance due to the simple, reliable and easy assemble and disassemble inner structure of hammer.


ROSCHEN DTH hammers Specifications
Hammer Size Bit Shank ROSCHEN Code Connection Thread Suitable bit Working pressure Air consumption
2" BR2 ROS 11  ROS 22 RD50 box ¢70-¢90mm 0.7-1.75Mpa 0.7Mpa 4.5m3/min
1.0Mpa 4m3/min
1.4Mpa 5m3/min
3" DHD3.5 ROS 32 API 2 3/8" Reg ¢90-¢110mm 1.0-1.5Mpa 1.0Mpa 4.5m3/min
M30 1.5Mpa 9m3/min
4" DHD340 ROS 34 API 2 3/8" Reg ¢110-¢135mm 1.0-2.5Mpa 1.0Mpa 6m3/min
SD4 1.8Mpa 10m3/min
M40 2.4Mpa 15m3/min
5" DHD350 ROS 52  ROS 54 API 2 3/8"Reg/API 3 1/2" Reg ¢135-¢155mm 1.0-2.5Mpa 1.0Mpa 9m3/min
SD5 1.8Mpa 15m3/min
M50 2.4Mpa 23m3/min
6" DHD360 ROS 62  ROS 64 API 3 1/2" Reg ¢155-¢190mm 1.0-2.5Mpa 1.0Mpa 10m3/min
SD6 1.8Mpa 20m3/min
M60 2.4Mpa 28.5m3/min
8" DHD380 ROS 82  ROS 84 API 4 1/2" Reg ¢195-¢254mm 1.0-2.5Mpa 1.0Mpa 15m3/min
QL80 1.8Mpa 26m3/min
SD8 2.4Mpa 34m3/min
10" SD10 ROS 100 API 6 5/8" Reg ¢254-¢311mm 1.0-2.5Mpa 1.0Mpa 22m3/min
Numa100 1.8Mpa 40m3/min
ROS 100 2.4Mpa 55m3/min
12" DHD1120 ROS 120 API 6 5/8" Reg ¢305-¢445mm 1.0-2.5Mpa 1.0Mpa 30m3/min
SD12 1.8Mpa 56m3/min
Numa120 2.4Mpa 78m3/min
Notes: Metzke, Remet thread is available!



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