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Crawler Hydraulic Wells Geothermal Drilling Rig Machine for Geothermal Projects Drilling
  • Crawler Hydraulic Wells Geothermal Drilling Rig Machine for Geothermal Projects Drilling
  • Crawler Hydraulic Wells Geothermal Drilling Rig Machine for Geothermal Projects Drilling
  • Crawler Hydraulic Wells Geothermal Drilling Rig Machine for Geothermal Projects Drilling

Crawler Hydraulic Wells Geothermal Drilling Rig Machine for Geothermal Projects Drilling

Place of Origin Germany, China
Brand Name ROSCHEN
Certification ISO
Model Number RS-W828A, RS-W836A, RS-W850A
Product Details
Crawler Drill Rig
Geothermal Drilling Rig
Model No.:
Hydraulic Drilling Rig
Rotary Drilling
Drilling Type:
Top Hammer Drilling
Down The Hole Hammer, DTH Hammer
Down The Hole Drilling, DTH Drilling
Top Hammer Drilling Tools
High Light: 

rock drilling equipment


geothermal drilling rigs

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 sets
Packaging Details
Supply Ability
1000 sets
Product Description

Crawler Hydraulic Wells Geothermal Drilling Rig for Geothermal Projects Drilling


Crawler Hydraulic Wells Geothermal Drilling Rig


Crawler Hydraulic Wells Geothermal Drilling Rig


Roschen RS-W series drilling rig is an versatile internal combustion driven crawler hydraulic drilling rig that is designed and manufactured elaborately by Roschen Group Limited to ensure the stability of the rig's performance, the key components are imported.

The maximum drilling depth of the rig is up to 500 meters and drilling range is between 105-350mm in diameter. The rig can meet needs under the different geological environmental for geothermal projects, the exploitation of groundwater , hydro-geological exploration, pile construction and some other projects’ needs.

The whole rig is advantageous with a more powerful engine, bigger output torque, higher working efficiency and flexibility, as well as better stability and multifunctions, etc. When DTH hammer is applied on rock drilling in the operation, the crushed gravel is discharged by high pressure air-flows, and the drilling efficiency is ten times faster than the traditional rotary drilling rigs. Cutting drilling or cone drilling can be operated in the unconsolidated layer, rock and mud discharging. Totally, the rig is suitable for drilling in complicated geological conditions. Comparing with other competitors, the rig can replace the same type of the imported rigs and the performance price efficiency is more outstanding than the later.




Operation Panet: 

The Control board is consist of console frame, electro-hydraulic valve, reducing valve, compensated flow control valve, oil pressure gauge, engine instruments, cable accelerator, ignition locks and other components. All control functions are centralized in the control tables, that makes operation easier and improve work efficiency.

Winch system

Hydraulic motor powered winch can flexibly hoist less than four point two tons of drilling tools or accessories.


Power system is diesel drive system. Cummins 93 k industry specific engine, hydraulic pump and motor provide a strong impetus for the rigs.


The drilling rig is driven by the hydraulic motor. A three phase synchronous ac generator with a output power of24 kw can be used as an emergency power supply, which is suitable for sleeve welding, or any other equipment that requires 380 V ac power supply.


Air filter
Two stage air filter can filter over 90% of dusts in the air inflow, which can effectively reduce the abrasion of engine, endare the lifetime and be used in various severe working conditions.


Wrench hydraulic cylinder
Hydraulic cylinder powered wrench can disassemble all kinds of joints quickly and lighten labor intensity.

Rotary Head
Rotary power head mounted on the drill, a rotary electro-hydraulic valve controls two hydraulic motors, enabling rotation speed and the two kinds of gearbox output torque to enable rig adapt to different working conditions.

Hydraulic Outrigger
Large stroke hydraulic legs for rig transport makes loading and unloading without lifting equipment, equipment can be self-loaded, hydraulic legs with the direction of the horizontal instrument to achieve rapid leveling rig.

Hoist & feeding system
Drilling and lifting are supported by hydro-cylinder - chain plate structure, which is safe, reliable and durable.

Technical Parameters: 

Technical Parameter Model
RS-W-810 RS-W-820 RS-W-830
Hole Diameter 105 ~ 305mm 105 ~ 350mm 130 ~ 350mm
Max.Drilling depth 250m 300m 500m
Adaptive rock Protodyakonov scale of hardness F4 ~ F20
Rotation Torque Second Gear: 6600/3300Nm Second Gear: 8600/43300Nm Second Gear: 118000/5900Nm
Rotary Speed Second Gear: 0~80 / 0~160rpm Second Gear: 0~72 / 0~144rpm Second Gear: 0~90 / 0~180rpm
Thrust Capacity 50KN 60KN 75KN
Lifting Capacity 120KN 150KN 260KN
Drill Rod Length 3M 3M 3M/4.5M
Drill Rod Diameter 76 / 89mm 76 / 89 / 102mm 89 / 102mm
Hammer Model ROS45/ROS55/ROS65 ROS45/ROS55/ROS65 ROS65/ROS85/ROS100
Travel Speed 2.5Km/h 2.5Km/h 2Km/h
Grade Ability 25o 25o 21o
Leg Stroke Standard Length 1.4M Standard Length 1.5M Standard Length 1.5M
Wind Pressure 1.38~3.2Mpa 1.38~3.2Mpa 1.38~3.2Mpa
Air Consumption ≥16m3/min ≥25m3/min ≥30m3/min
Engine power 75Kw 93Kw 132Kw
Dimension Length x Width x Height
Dimension on transportation 7000x1800x2500mm 6000x2100x2900mm 8100x2300x2900mm
Dimension on working 5545x1800x6900mm 4610x2100x7400mm 5500x2250x8950mm
Gross Weight 9 tons 11 tons 13.8 tons

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